Homemade Bagels

Staff’s handmade freshly baked bagels. Our bagels don’t contain eggs, milk or artificial additive.
※except for bagel with whipped cream

Take out OK.

Kid’s Menu (with a drink)

  • Kids Combo       800 yen
    Popular set meal for kids
  • Kids Keema Curry    500 yen
    Minced-meat curry made with a lot of vegetables
  • Kids Chicken Pilaf     500 yen
  • Kids Kinsatsu Noodles   500 yen
    Noodles made with Esashi-Produced Kinsatsmai Rice

Lunch Menu (comes with soup, salad and drink)

Takeout Menu

We offer our menu items such as vegetable dishes and non-fried ‘fried’ chicken made by Vegetable Sommelier YUKA available for takeout. We also accept hors d’oeuvres and bento (boxed lunch).


Happy Friday
On every Fridays, we offer a free dessert for customers who ordered lunch or dinner.